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Multibeam Antenna Implementation Using Anisotropic Metasurfaces
Abstract—This study is devoted to the development and research of multibeam antennas based on anisotropic metasurfaces with one or several feed points. An innovative technique for synthesizing the tensor impedance distribution for the formation of three beams from a radiating metasurface was proposed. Prototypes of the proposed antennas in the Kuband frequency with one and three feed points were fabricated, and their characteristics were experimentally investigated. The gain of the manufactured multibeam antennas reaches 23 dBi. Good agreement between the results of the numerical simulation and experimental data was achieved, which indicates the reproducibility of the synthesis method in practice. Multibeam antennas on anisotropic metasurfaces can be scaled to high frequencies and effectively used at operating frequencies up to the sub-terahertz range. Such antennas are promising for the development of terrestrial communication infrastructure as 5/6G transmitters and repeaters, as well as for use as a payload of low-orbit satellite systems.